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Currently, I write like...

Quite interesting.  This analysis was based off the Hotch/Prentiss fic I wrote a little while back. I tried with some previous fic examples from my Sam/Jack and John/Elizabeth (Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, respectively) writing days and I was getting mixed results including Dan Brown and Douglas Adams.

Check it out by going here:

I can now proudly say that I've been stamped as David Rossi at cminds_ratings 

Stamped as Rossi

Reid was coming in a close 2nd with three votes and Hotch and Prentiss tied for 3rd with two votes each. Though Rossi out-shines them, I think I do have a good mixture of Reid, Hotch and Prentiss in my personality.

Writer's Block: Back off!

Have you ever witnessed someone being bullied and just walked away? Have you ever gone out of your way to help someone who was being bullied? How do you think it impacted you and the person being bullied?

I've been bullied and I've seen other people be bullied. I had a boy in elementary school that was my best friend until 6th grade when he got tired of a girl sticking up for him. It was never the same after that. Nowadays, I'll stick up for someone if I know they won't turn their back on me for doing it.  As for myself, when I'm bullied, I usually just ignore them, or if I'm feeling bold I'll reply in sarcasm.
Well it's Spring Break time, which means my muse has decided to come out of hiding...after about a 2 and half year hiatus.  That's right.  The last time I wrote fan fiction was back in the good days of Stargate Atlantis, when Elizabeth was still there, and I haven't attempted since.  Until this awesome event called the Hotch-Prentiss-athon!  I was terrified to even try something but lo and behold, my muse popped up at the last minute and got me in a writing mood.  So although I'm seriously self-conscious about this I'm going to post it...and hopefully be able to continue it at some point. 

P.S.  It has now just passed midnight in my timezone, so yeah, I'm a little late in posting, but that's okay.

"Propinquity" Part I
Author: Let-it-linger21
Paring: Hotch/Prentiss
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,095
Some mentions of Elle, Haley ("100" reference), but otherwise no spoilers.  The "case" in here is not based on a recent episode, it just happens to sound like it could fit (if that makes sense).
Summary: Hotch and Prentiss slowly but surely realized how close they are...and how close they could be. 
Author's Notes: in honor of the Spring Into Hotch/Prentiss-a-thon at Hotch/Prentiss.
And also, this is my first fic in a couple years (yes, years) and first one for this pairing.  Didn't get a chance to have it beta-ed, so mistakes are mine.


"Does that mean I'm excluded from your assertions?"Collapse )


Real life has officially taken over

That's right...so much for the "I'm going to update every week," since my life has been consumed by mountains of homework assignments.  But then again, I don't really have much else to post about besides fangirl squees of appreciation for certain recently aired episodes of Fringe, the Mentalist, Castle and Criminal Minds.  I hardly have time to catch my criminal minds reruns on A&E and ION anymore...but no fear!  I've recently aquired Seaons 1 on DVD!  Season 2 and 3 are on their way but season 4 has yet to lower it's price.  Fringe season 1 for that matter too. 

In other DVD news the recently produced Emma on PBS was spectacular and I'm definitely buying it.  I adore Jane Austen and can't wait to read the novel.  Pride and Prejudice is still my favorite novel, with Persuasion coming in second and Northanger Abbey in third.  But after reading Emma, it might end up second.  

Keeping with books,  I did rush out to get Kay Hooper's latest and final in the Blood trilogy, "Blood sins."  I'm going to read it the first day I have off, so that I can get all the way through it.  Her books are so full of amazing characters and thrilling storylines.  So exited to open this one!  
Now I'm just waiting until April 6th for "Changes," the 12th in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.  
Of course, until then it's back to homework and studying.  Here's to hardwork and  three and a half months until an associates degree!

Just a few words

Can I just say that last night's Fringe episode was totally, absolutely, superbly, utterly, fantastically amazing. That is all.

P.S The mentalist was pretty good too. And Wednesday's Criminal Minds was quite heartbreaking. Not to mention the very masterfully handled Castle from Monday. Thank you primetime, you have made my first week back to school so very interesting.

Twenty Ten! (2010)

That's right! Happy new year and best wishes!


So much for that posting once a week thing....yeah. In all honesty, I am booked with homework, so I don't have as much time s I once did, but once this semester is over (just about a month!) I can try to post on a regular basis.
However, I just had to get this down before I forgot. Lately, I've been testing out the new shows, as well as others, and my little "shipper" heart has just been pounding like crazy. I've found that two episodes into "V," I'm a huge fan of Erica Evans/ Father Jack (probably inappropriate, but I can't help myself). On "Flashforward" I'm finding myself waiting for Olivia and Lloyd Simcoe to get closer. And recently, I've just started watching "Lie to Me" and I find the Lightman/Foster relationship very appealing.

So, with the three listed above, here's the other current ships I'm supporting:
Booth/Bones (in all honesty, I've kind of given up on the show and I only search for B/B moments now)
House/Cuddy aka Huddy (same goes for this show, but I might start watching again)
Peter/ Olivia (Fringe is awesome!)
Jane/ Lisbon (The Mentalist may be my favorite show at the moment)
Hotch/Prentiss (I'm going to admit it, I find it intriguing...plus Criminal Minds is amazing)
Castle/Beckett (Do I have to say anything? Everything about this pair and the show is love!)

For now I'm going to leave it there. Eventually, I think I'll post my ultimate ship list....if I can remember every ship I've supported. Believe me, there's quite a number, especially if I count all the shows that were ended too soon, like Firefly (of course), The Dresden Files, Touching Evil (US version), Blind Justice, The Pretender...okay really, I'm stopping now. See what happens?!

Writer's Block: By Any Other Name

If you could rename yourself in real life, what would you choose, and why?

Hmmm...I've often thought about this, considering the amount of people that mispronounce my name, and the lack of it's appearance on pencils, stamps, and other things that children are thrilled to see their name printed on.

I've made lists over the years, and the names always change every time I look back at it.

Right now, the first name on my list happens to be Carolyn.  Why?  Probably because I'm currently obsessed with the Mike Logan/ Carolyn Barek episodes of Criminal Intent.  I loved them together!

As for last names, I've thought of that too.  Again, a current obsession has worked it's way to the top of my list:  Murphy.  yep, as in Connie/Karin Murphy from the Dresden Files. 

So...if I could rename myself, I would have to go with Carolyn Murphy.  That would be lovely.


On another note, I apologize for not updating sooner!  It's hard to get used to a new web/journal site.  I have made a few icons I'd love to share.

They include:
(1) Goren
(1) Goren/Eames
(1) Dresden/Murphy
(1) Dresden

And so it begins...

Well, I've  been wondering for a while now if I should get myself one of these, and now I finally have.  I'm happy to be joining the LJ community, and hope that I can bring a smile to someone's face.  

And since I'm terrible at those "all about me" posts, I've decided to skip that step, and just let you figure that out when I post my next journals.



The icon posted here was made by me and so was this one:

It's my first Daniel/Vala icon....*squee*

I'll post my new art and stuff here...but if you'd like to see the old stuff its located HERE